R&D  invites you to the fifth conference of Bruno Humbeeck’s appointments

Teenager metamorphosis

Friday 22 March from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm

« Teenager Planet »

The teenager is a “hybrid being”. No longer a child, but not yet an adult, shaped by a troubled period during which neuropsychological changes, physiological upheavals, hormonal modifications and identity-related issues combine to create a form of somatopsychic imbalance that sometimes gives the impression of navigating in the midst of chaos or moving forward only in successive crises.

By analysing what is at stake in this existential crisis, describing the extreme forms it can take and the particular ways of apprehending reality that make it up, we can better understand why and how contemporary teenage life raises so many questions and concerns for those involved in its education.

To this end, in this interactive conference we will describe the world of the teenager.