What is resilience?


Educational psychologist, Doctor in Education Sciences, Lecturer at the University of Mons, Head of the Educational Research Centre for Social Action (CREAS). He works on research projects on school/family relations and society at the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion.

A resilience argument is a way of bouncing back, not a compulsory exit route… ( extract from « From Snow White to Harry Potter»)

What is resilience?

This word, which has become trendy and is used wrongly, especially in this period of pandemic, in the professional circles, in order to encourage people to bounce back from a situation, is much more complex that it sounds. For there to be resilience, there must be trauma. And for there to be trauma, one must go beyond the trauma.

We must be confronted with trauma at least once in our lives and must draw on our strengths to become resilient.

But how to do this ?

Bruno Humbeeck, a specialist in resilience who works with Boris Cyrulnik, will help us to better understand the concept of resilience, its resources and to overcome the trauma.

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