Managing through Trust

Eric Chabot

Business coach and entrepreneur -CBS Partners France

« Trust is central to every single relationship, to every single organisation and is the often overlooked variable in performance equation»

Trust at the heart of managerial performance

Commissioner Hahn advocates a “culture of trust” and “leading by example”. However, it is not that easy when we do not have all the resources to support this change of culture based on control and thus fear.

Fear and trust are the two sides of the same coin!

And yet, trust is proven to make staff perform better and the workplace more attractive to employees and to the new generation.

But how do we achieve this change when we are neuro-biologically programmed to distrust change and consciously or unconsciously resist it ?

R&D called on Eric Chabot, who operates in the largest groups to establish this management through trust. Thanks to simple and concrete tools, he will train you to trust (principle of delegation) and to inspire trust (principle of leadership) to boost your sense of excellence, that of your teams and your organisation.