Burn out, what are we talking about?

Marie Pezé

Doctor of Psychology, psychoanalyst, former legal expert, Head of the “Suffering and Work” consultation network

Burn out evolves with the organisation of work

A person who is subjected to too much work intensity for too long will eventually collapse. And this can have lifelong consequences

Marie Pezé

What is Burn out?

It is impossible to give a definition of burn out, because it is a pathology that is at the crossroads of knowledge of the human body, its physiology, new forms of work organisation, stereotypes at work in a society and collective expectations. It is a sociological phenomenon.

More and more people are finding themselves in Burn out, especially during this pandemic. There is even talk of digital Burn out.

But how can it be prevented?  When should we worry? How is it realise?

How to get back to work after a Burn out?

Burn out is a pathology that must be treated by specialised doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts. This term has become “very” fashionable and attracts all sorts of new gurus who do more harm than good to people!

This is why R&D called on Marie Pezé, expert, doctor in psychology and psychoanalyst, to talk about this pathology and its consequences on the lives of people and those around them.

At R&D, we take your health seriously and entrust it to real experts!

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