“When a manager uses the great power of liberating high engagement, potential and well-being from a team, remarkable projects can be implemented”

The first session designed especially for team leaders and managers.

“Facing with energy daily ups and downs and reaching a high level of well-being open door to extraordinary individual and collective achievements.” 

Alexia Saulais

Professional coach, certified by Coaching Federation has facilitated the session on how to work on different levels of energy using practical and active approach

Graduated with a Master in International Management at Neoma Business School, Alexia worked 12 years in mass con­sumption global corporations in Business and Human development.

She founded Alexia Saulais Coaching SAS, dedicated to the quality of engagement by energy and well-being, personal and professional development.

For more information on Alexia, see website: https://alexiasaulaiscoaching.com