AMC and BC

Let’s take stock together!


Since the very beginning of the project for modernisation of the HR function R&D has denounced the dysfunctions and has taken very clear posi­tions on this dossier (read our communications: HR modernisation, AMC and BC: new planets, AMC et BC, épisode 2 chronique d’un chaos an­­noncéAMC and BC, episode 3, chronicle of a chaos foretold).

We have always involved the colleagues who work in AMC or BC as well as the users of these services in our actions so that, together, we can find solutions to improve your daily life.

Thanks to this collaboration, we have been able to take part in the social dialogue meetings with DG HR and to move the dossier forward.

3 years later, let’s take stock together

On 10 April, we are invited by DG HR to an information meeting on this dossier. As always, R&D involves all actors in order to draw a clear pic­ture of the different situations. For this, we need you and your experience, whether good or bad, during these 3 years of operation.

Whether you work in an AMC or a BC or you are a user of these services,

we invite you to share with us your experiences, your requests, your comments, your suggestions …

no later than Tuesday 9 April, 5:00 p.m., to

We undertake to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of your responses and analyse them carefully in order to cons­tructively prepare ourselves for the next meeting with DG HR.

We will communicate the conclusions of this meeting in due course.

We thank you for your valuable collaboration.