Interinstitutional COMMON FRONT of EU Staff Representatives

Staff Regulations 2013 and Salary adjustment 2011 

The Council refuses yet again to apply the rules.
Acting as an accomplice, the Commission offers an even faster dismantling of our Staff Regulations


Contrary to what was stated in the document sent to all staff by Vice-President Šef?ovi?, the changes in the Staff Regulations presented by him have only been discussed with the trade unions of all institutions since September 7.

The trade unions are opposed to all structural measures that will permanently weaken the European Civil Service.

The trade unions, joined in a united front of all staff representatives, have made the defense of a permanent and independent civil service their priority, by opposing, amongst others, the elimination of 7500 AST positions and replacing them by posts lacking any job security.

The trade unions have developed counter proposals by combining

  • The improvement of working conditions and career perspectives for contract agents
  • Maintaining the category of secretaries as officials  

These are credible proposals because the financial impact is comparable to the “Šef?ovi?.” proposal. However, the day after the submission of these proposals, the Vice-President decided to speed up the process and stop all the consultations that were still unfinished.  

The Council refuses to implement the salary adjustment for 2011. The Commission decides, as a bargaining tool, to accelerate the dismantling of the European Civil Service.

On the 7th of November, at an information exchange meeting, the Vice-President dared to make the link and synchronize the adjustment of salaries in 2011 to the reform of the Staff Regulations. This blackmail is unacceptable and was consequently rejected by all trade unions.

Now is the time to act, not just to “negotiate”.


at the General Meeting of all institutions
Wednesday, November 9
in the hall of the Berlaymont