Only a few days left before the publication of the administrative notice closing the 2018 promotion exercise. The AD and AST working groups would have tried, as usual, to rectify the errors made by DG HR in the distribution of quotas. Errors ? None, says DG HR ! Let us try to shed some light on this…. Flagrant differences among DGs: R&D provides you every year a table with the estimates of quota by DG and by grade (link / link). Aggregated on all the grades, the differences are obvious!


As a percentage, the differences are self-explanatory: while DG ENV receives zero quota more than the population that has reached seniority, DG ESTAT receives almost 100% more! Quite normal and equitable according to DG HR: it is not an error … because one DG that is fortunate one year will be less so the next one (or the previous one)!


Laughing argument? DG HR has unfortunately accustomed us to worse in recent years… But let’s suppose for a moment that DG HR could be right … which is easy to check!