Dear Colleagues,

Many of you have lodged a complaint “Career blockage” at the end of March 2014. We felt at that time, that it was necessary, to avoid any risk relating to the admissibility of the complaints, to introduce directly against Article 45 of the new Staff Regulations  a complaint on the basis of Article 90(2).

The Commission officials concerned have found, from 14 April 2014 on, a mention in the SYSPER2 file showing a career blockage. This mention may be regarded as a decision of individual application of the appointing authority also challengeable.

As a precautionary measure, it seems necessary to also lodge a complaint against this decision.

We draw your attention to the fact that such a complaint must be filed no later than 14 July 2014.


According to your rank, please click on the right template of reclemation and the article 90:

Simply fill in this template and send it, accompanied by a “print screen” of your SYSPER2 file, to the functional mailbox HR MAIL D2 by 14 July at the latest together with the enclosed art. 90 filled-in template.

Thank you again for your trust !