R&D just opened a new section at the European Parliament, and we would like to share with you our enthusiasm regarding this enlargement.

At the very heart of R&D Federal’s action !


The unity of the Staff Regulations and the legal commitment to defend our public administration throughout the different institutions stands in the core of R&D’s actions.


These very actions are reinforced by our active presence and our qualified staff within each institution and agency.

This enables us to:

  • Reinforce the cohesion and unity of our action with other trade union
  • Negotiate the best working conditions for the staff
  • Establish good procedures
  • Denounce any abusive practices


It’s now also the case at the European Parliament


Since the creation of R&D EP, no less than 13 MEMBERS OF THE STAFF COMMITTEE recognize themselves as a part of it, which constitutes a great guarantee of our ability to defend the rights and the needs of the colleagues at the EP and the other institutions.


In this context, we should also keep in mind the key role played by the EP regarding Reform procedures on the Staff Regulations since the en¬try in force of the Lisbon Treaty as well as the Reform of 2014 .


Whether you are at the EP or consider a transfer to the EP,

Please know that you can always count on R&D EP!