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At this time of great economic and social turmoil accompanied by a deep political crisis for the governance of Europe, governments are agreed that a reinforcement of the European project is the only serious way forward.

But a European solution to the crisis can only succeed if it is put into effect by an independent public service guided by the public interest. WIthout a strong public service at both national and European level there is simply no future for Europe.

Any initiative leading to the weakening of public services is contrary to the European project founded on democracy, peace and solidarity.

The Common Front – staff associations of all the institutions invite colleagues to turn out in strength against the decision to be taken in Strasbourg on 14 December on the cutting of staff in the European institutions and to undo the staff regulations.

It’s time to act ! Turn out in strength

DECEMBER 14 2011

12.30 hrs in front of the Berlaymont