During the 1923rd Meeting – Wednesday, 23rd June 2010, the Commission decided:

– Notwithstanding the decision C (2010) 3680 of 15 June 2010, the powers granted by the Staff regulations to the appointing authority empowered to conclude contracts of employment, in respect of procedures selection and appointment relating to middle and upper management functions created or transferred in the context of the up the European service for external action, will be exercised by Baroness Ashton.

– this exemption will apply within the plan planned for the European External Action Service in the draft Amending Budget No 6 to the general budget 2010 COM (2010) 315 (SG Vista internal link)

– The Commission authorize Baroness Ashton to derogate, if necessary, in the procedures for selection and appointment for functions of middle and senior management mentioned above, any decision of the Commission thereon, while ensuring the implementation procedures conform to the status of officials and the rules applicable to other agents.

Immediate additional personnel requirements for 2010

The EEAS should be up and running as soon as possible. The merging of the services of the Commission and General Secretariat of the Council transferred to the EEAS is expected to create synergies and efficiency gains at headquarters. Those efficiency gains will also be used to cover at least part of the EEAS’ priority needs and additional tasks.

However the additional tasks of the Presidency of Working Groups and Committees which prepare the Foreign Affairs Council – tasks that neither GSC nor Commission services were previously fulfilling – and the need to equip the EEAS with posts for the Corporate and Policy Boards have to be taken into account.

The headquarters should therefore be reinforced with 20 new AD posts to accommodate the creation of new management posts, allow the creation of a small legal cell, and to cover additional tasks in relation to the presidency of geographical and thematic Working Groups. The first priority of the High Representative will be to make provisions for the early appointment of the top management posts in the new structure. In addition, appropriations are requested for 10 contract agents for support tasks at headquarters.

The Union Delegations

The Union Delegations constitute an integral part of the EEAS. Since 1 January 2010 more than 60 EU Delegations have taken up the role of the local Presidency, i.e. the tasks of representation, co-ordination and negotiation on behalf of the EU. In such cases they need to be reinforced in order to fully carry out their new duties.

The most urgent additional needs for EU Delegations require 80 new AD posts to be gradually recruited over the last quarter of 2010 and were assessed as follows:

–               Reinforcement of delegations where there is no political officer in place some 40 new AD posts;

–               Reinforcement of multi-lateral delegations some 20 new AD posts;

–               Upgrading of regionalised delegations and creation of Deputy Head of Delegation functions some 20 new AD posts;

–               Additional appropriations for 60 local agents to provide necessary support.

Commission Conseil Nouveaux postes Total
Siège 675 387 20 1 082
Délégations 439 24 80 543
Total 1 114 411 100 1 625