Thank you Mister President

R&D welcomes the rapid and firm reaction of the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, who has shown his determination to defend the reputation, work and honour of the staff of the European Institutions.

Here is an excerpt from Politico on this subject :

“The remarks by Smet (…) are unacceptable”, Barend Leyts, Michel’s spokesperson, told POLITICO. “President Michel asks for respect for all the men and women in the service of the European Union, especially in these very challenging international times.” (…) Michel’s condemnation of Smet’s comments came in response to an open letter in which Renouveau & Démocratie, the largest union representing EU civil servants, called on Michel to “react to the attack.” The trade union argued that, as the budgetary authority responsible for the institution’s building policy, it was the Council president’s duty to “defend the reputation, the work and the honor of EU officials”.

R&D encourages the Commission, the Parliament and the Council to continue in this direction by requiring from the Brussels authorities proposals to ensure the necessary conditions for the safety and well-being of all staff of the European institutions.

The information published by R&D on this matter can be found under the following link: A BRUSSELS STATE SECRETARY INSULTS EU STAFF – THE COUNCIL MUST REACT!.pdf (