The CSM2 will be the first experience of a fully finished building transformed into an open space, it will be a “key-building showing the modern face of the Commission“, said a senior official. The colleagues from TAXUD will be the guinea pigs.

While everywhere all the European employees prefer an individual office (between 91% and 97% depending on each country); while the adverse effects of open spaces are denounced (noises, annoyance, disturbances, heating problems and light inconve­nience, lack of private space and privacy, difficulties in concentration), nevertheless the Commission persists and signs, claiming that it is a sign of modern living when as a matter of fact it is a question of saving money.

The experience made at the Commission is not even taken into account: 2000 colleagues already work in an open space area. At Philippe le Bon building a recent survey conducted by OIB shows that two thirds of the staff do not work on location during the 5 days of the week and that 70% expressed their dissatisfaction due to the lack of privacy, noises and inconveniences. This sys­tem does not facilitate the cooperation among the services.

The “evidence offices” at the CSM1 building are just window dressing. You can witness the real situation by going and visiting the open space at the Philippe le Bon building.

Mr Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament has decided to stop all the projects of this nature.

We would like to stress that according to the manual of housing conditions the relevant services must involve the participation of the staff in the definition of the project. The tasks performed by the staff must be taken into account (namely the respect of confi­dentiality), as well as the security conditions, health conditions and the well-being at work.

Please do not give your approval without having first discussed the project and analyse the plans. Do not hesitate to contact our R&D teams.