A year ago the Fit@work programme to improve the health and well-being of staff was launched within the Commission. Have you, personally seen any improvement?
Investigations by experts show that 70% of psycho-social risks within the Commission are due to work requirements (35%), social relations in the work context (30%) and stress and burnout (15%), the remaining 30% are due to individual and personal problems.
Too often the concept of well-being at work remains an abstract concept, with no substantial
content. .
Yet the leadership style and the “goodwill” vis-à-vis staff were identified as a key factor. It is therefore essential to act.
So far 500 people from middle management were trained in the prevention of such risks, but there are still more than four thousand people to be reached.
It is urgent that in this critical area of human resources, we move from theory to practice.
R&D has organised conferences with more than 700 participants per event on these issues and will continue to have it as a priority for action.

We want 2016 to be the year of real change in mentalities and practices.