Changing our Staff Regulations is a serious matter because it affects the future of the European Civil Service.

The proposals made by the Commission last June are a catalogue of disjointed measures that aim to make even more savings on the back of staff and, more importantly, to undermine the very structure of our civil service.

Instead of being reduced, job insecurity will increase for the number of colleagues affected and will also increase over time. The project does not create opportunities for those that have no job security to access the civil service nor does it correct the imbalances suffered by those recruited after the 2004 reform.

We therefore reaffirm our commitment to greater unity of action in staff representation and involvement of employees, not just our members, at every stage of the negotiation. We start by opening the dialogue with you to discuss the subject in depth.

In order to do this we are now organizing now “discussion meetings” in your buildings to keep you informed on the issues, to inform you about the negotiations but also to collect your opinions in order to put them forward.

These meetings will be repeated regularly depending on the progress of negotiations and all trade unions have already committed to holding a referendum at the end of them.

The first meetings in the European Commission will take place from 12:30 to 14:30:

for colleagues in DG DEVCO, HR and JLS

October 7 in MO 34 Room 3 / 31

for colleagues in DG EMPL and OLAF

October 14 in J27 Room 2

for colleagues DG INFSO, ECFIN, ENV and CLIMA

October 20 in Beaulieu 00/027

for colleagues in DG AGRI, TRADE and ELARG

October 21 at LOI 102 – AP L102 00/25

for colleagues in DG ENTR, BUDG, SJ and SG

October 26 at the Breydel – BREY 05/A

Collegues from other Institutions – Join us in our discussion meetings!