Dear colleagues,

You have recently received a rather ambiguous message from EPSO concerning the CAST organized in May 2010. Indeed, this message could let you think that, contrary to the Staff Regulation, any service would henceforth be able to grant a permanent employment contract to any candidate who has successfully completed that procedure. In fact, though, this is not the case.

First of all, a single e-mail from EPSO cannot modify statutory measures.

Secondly, there are the professional tests organized in July, which constitute the second and last part of the tests EPSO launched in May 2010. It is only on the basis of a complete selection process (numerical, verbal, AND professional) that offices, agencies, delegations and representations can use the list and offer 3a type contracts, which, if renewed, might lead to a permanent employment contract.

As regards the Commission, with the exception of Function Group I, only offices, agencies, delegations or representations can offer such contracts, and this has not changed since 2004.

If you still have questions regarding this matter, R&D remains at your disposal.


Following our reaction, EPSO has just published a clarification on the nature of contracts which can be accessed to the CAST May 2010: