The new general executive arrangements for evaluating and reclassifying contractual agents “3bis” [1] were not able to be adopted in time. In the face of this crisis situation and in order not to lose the budget reserved for carrying out the 2010 reclassification exercise, on 3 September DG HR is publishing an administrative information bulletin which will set out the legal basis for the evaluation and reclassification exercise for contractual agents [2].

Stuck because they didn’t listen to the unions!!

R&D and all the other unions had requested DG HR to avoid putting in a single legal document all the elements relating to policies on contractual staff on management of recruitment, classification on entry into function, evaluation and reclassification for the two categories of contractual agents. The finalised document is not yet ready. Given that it would be unacceptable to penalise staff while waiting to remove the last objections to the text of the new document, a solution needed to be found.

The 4th ad-hoc exercise based on the results of negotiations!

By means of the rapid publication of an administrative information bulletin,, DG HR has simply gathered together the arrangements which had been negotiated for contractual agents. Following the negotiations, the new system for evaluation and reclassification will rest, from then on, on the system applied to Civil Servants, with the creation of a “backpack”, evaluation criteria, publication of promotions steps, career perspectives, etc.

Very tight timescales.

The 2010 exercise will be carried out on an evaluation for the years 2008 and 2009. The timescales are tight in order to allow, not only the reclassification committee correctly to handle the appeals phase and to make individual and serious analyses of all appeals, but also and above all to complete the reclassification exercise before the end of the year. You therefore have available:

5 working days to do an evaluation of 2 years of work (!)

6 working days  to decide whether or not to appeal once your management has informed you of your performance level and how many points you have been awarded.

The only constant: R&D is by your side.

Whatever may be the system, the timescales and the constraints, it is certain that R&D will continue to defend staff and to help you in the new procedure.  Do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists.  Three meetings are already planned for members and R&D will be organising assistance you can call on at any time.

Tuesday 7 September at 11.00 in the DAV

Wednesday 8 September à 12.30 at Ispra

Wednesday 8 September at 15.30 in SC 15


[1]       Article 3 Bis of the Regime Applicable to Other Agents: it refers to contractual agents in delgations, representations and Commission offices as well as contractual agents in functional group I in the services