Following the information meeting of February 18, more than 30 colleagues became volunteers for helping the pilot project of the Brussels’ Fire Brigade that aims to ensure a multilingual support for the operators answering calls to the 100/112 in the Brussels Region. Visits to the 100/112 call centre of Brussels (Avenue de l’Héliport 15, at 1000 Brussels) for the volunteers (but also for people who may be interested to join), will be organised on Thursday March 4 at 12:00 and on Saturday March 6 at 14:00.

A few days before the 25th of February, deadline for the transmission of the form for volunteers, we do not have volunteers for several Slavonic languages (Hungarian, Slovene, Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian), for Turkish, Arabic, Finnish an Swedish, while we have only one volunteer for some other languages (Slovak, Czech, Romanian).

For more information on the project in French or Dutch,

Updated Instructions to volunteers French or Dutch

Form for volunteers French

See also our page:

Multilingual 112 Action