A conference by Mr. David Bearfield, Director EPSO which took place on 3 March 2010 has been posted on the Commission Intranet.

In 2010, EPSO will introduce a new procedure for selecting permanent staff for EU institutions. Ongoing competitions that were launched in 2008-09 will follow the old selection procedure.

What will change?

  • much quicker competitions with fewer steps in the procedure
  • annual competitions for the most common job profiles (see chart below)
  • competency-based testing

In addition to specific professional skills and knowledge, the following core competencies will be assessed:

  • analysis and problem solving
  • communicating
  • delivering quality and results
  • learning and development
  • prioritising and organising
  • resilience
  • working with others.

See also: http://europa.eu/epso/discover/selection_proced/selection/index_en.htm