Brussels, 14 February 2024

Note for the attention of Ms Minna Vuorio

Director of EPSO

Subject:  Request for resignation as Director of EPSO

As staff representatives, we acknowledge the vital role of a well-functioning European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). However, we are writing to express our deep concern and dissatisfaction with its current management.

We have meticulously documented numerous issues that raise serious questions about the fairness, transparency and conduct of the competition process. Moreover, many candidates have publicly reported on social media and specialised forums, a multitude of alarming discrepancies and procedural irregularities.  

The conclusions of the investigations carried out by the European Ombudsman have confirmed in every respect the validity of our critical analyses and the extent of the failings reported.

EPSO’s attitude of simply dismissing any criticism, whether from candidates or staff representatives, until it becomes genuinely impossible to continue to deny it, attempting to absolve itself of all responsibility, always with a rather patronising and contemptuous attitude, appears incompatible with the principle of well-managed administration on which our civil service is founded.

Having regard to the foregoing, it can no longer be denied that EPSO is currently completely unfit for purpose.

For this reason, we request your resignation as EPSO Director, due to:

  • Damage to the Reputation of the EU Institutions: these problems not only compromise the integrity of the selection process, but also cast a shadow over the reputation of the EU Institutions
  • Lack of Delivery of Laureates by EPSO for more than one year
  • Jeopardising the proper functioning of the services: There is an annual need to recruit officials due to a considerable number of colleagues retiring (around 600/year).

This is not about making personal accusations, but simply to acknowledge that, faced with management failure on such a scale, public accountability becomes the logical corollary of a service that is so crucial to all the EU institutions.

Therefore, a fundamental change in mindset, offering new leadership and a clear methodology, is essential to address these concerns and to restore faith in the EU Institutions.

Yours sincerely,

C. Sebastiani / R. TrujilloT. WeberN. Mavraganis
Alliance  Generation 2004  USF  


Mr. D. Müller, Head of Cabinet Hahn

Ms. S. Bikar, Member of Cabinet Hahn

Mr. C. Roques; Director General HR (acting)

Mr. C. Levasseur, Director HR B

Mr. S. Demirdjiev; Head of Unit HR F4 (acting)

Mr. L. Duluc, Head of Sector HR F4

Mr. A. Katsogiannis, CSC President

Commission Staff