Draft Commission decision on working time and hybrid working, including teleworking : we invite you to send us your comments and suggestions!

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you have asked us about the Commission’s new policy with regard to working time and hybrid working, including teleworking.

You rightly pointed out that it was unacceptable that no formal decision had yet been taken in this respect.

R&D did not limit itself to bringing your request to the attention of the ad­ministration, but in order to approach the negotiations in the best possible con­ditions, we organised a series of conferences with the best experts in the field, which were a great success for which we would like to thank you again. Addi­tional conferences are already planned.

DG HR has finally agreed to our request and a round of consultations with the trade unions on the draft decision on working time and hybrid work will begin on 30 June.

As we requested, this decision will be also submitted to the Joint Committees concerned.

These negotiations will have a major impact on all staff and, in keeping with our commitments, we wish to involve you in this process from the outset and in the greatest possible transparency.

To this end, you will find attached the draft Commission decision which will be submitted for negotiation.

We invite you to send us your comments and suggestions.

We will do this work together and in consultation with our experts in this field.

On this basis, we will defend our positions with conviction at any step of the negotiation. Our representatives on the relevant joint committees will do the same.

Thank you very much again for your trust !

Cristiano Sebastiani,