Dear Colleagues,

we have a pleasure to invite you to our meeting with R&DInsurance partner EAS that will take place on


12.30 – 15.00

European Parliament BUILDING PHS (Paul Henri Spaak) – ROOM P4B001

Further to our joint requests,  R&D Commission, R&D Council  – our partnerEurope Assurance Service EAS has introduced and developed several tailor-made contracts applicable to the entire European civil service. This meeting is dedicated to present you the new insurance productThe insurance agency EAS Assurances has worked with the European institutions for several years, providing its specialist services of analysis and advice on questions linked to the conclusion of insurance contracts, mortgage credits, and consumer credits to European civil servants.

Contracts have been designed especially for you, they include:

  • Special health insurance contract for European civil servants to complement the sickness insurance scheme “RCAM”,
  • Legal expenses insurance scheme relating to private or professional life, covering specific risks of each individual (appeals pursuant to Article 90.2).
  • Analysis and advice on your insurance needs as well as individualized audit of your existing contracts (car insurance, home insurance (fire and theft protection), private liability insurance, assistance…)

As a member of R&D you can benefit from special premiums and other favourable conditions. EAS Assurance can also assist you in choosing mortgage or consumer credits.

Our partner will be happy to assist you in either of the following languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

R&D always close to you and to your needs.