Subject: requests for financial support by R&D

Dear member,

R&D makes legal advice available to its members for any problem concerning their professional lives in any of the European Institutions. Consultations take place on Friday mornings by appointment, which can be arranged with the R&D secretariat.

Given that more and more staff need to go to the Court to have their rights recognised, R&D has negotiated a “legal protection” insurance for its members – Falcon and Eagle contracts – which cover the submission of Article 90 actions to the Court and any resulting appeals. More info : /our-services/insurances-service/juridical-assistance-inside-and-outside-the-institution/

In accordance with the decision of our last General Assembly, R&D will limit any financial support to truly exceptional cases -where the case is of interest to a majority of staff,( that is in cases where there are important policy implications for staff, for example those “shipwrecked” by the reforms in 2004).

In the event of a request to the R&D Executive Committee (EC) and a favourable opinion from our legal counsel, the EC will be able to look at the possibility of providing its support, which would in any case be limited to a proportion of the costs.

R&D is therefore actively encouraging you to subscribe to one of these insurance policies so you are covered in the event of litigation in the future. For more information please contact our secretary.

On another topic, R&D wishes to let you know that it has also negotiated a insurance policy which complements our Common Health Insurance Regime.

Franco Ianniello