One glass of good cheer is worth much more than a pamphlet ..

R & D sends its best wishes for the New Year 2012 and invites you to a have a drink in the Atrium of the J-79 building,(entrance rue Joseph II 79 or rue de la Loi 80) from 12.30 on 10 February (see erratum).  The meeting will be an opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss the major challenges facing us in the coming months.

2012 will be a crucial year!

The history of European integration is such that it is crises that reveal the strength and quality of the European project.  The crisis that we face today is particularly severe, and shows how necessary it is for all of us, trade unions and staff, to stay committed.

R & D listen to your concerns

Your concerns are real and fully justified, but we must not panic and we must retain hope.

Never before have attacks against Europe, against the Commission and against the public sector in general been so violent. Relayed and amplified by the some of the media, they are resulting in growing disaffection by European citizens vis-à-vis the European project and in particular, vis-à-vis the administration for which we work.

The dangers are real …

There has never been a worse time to engage in reform of the Staff Regulations. The dangers are real. In this context, R &D has made every effort to seek a fresh trade union approach and many have noticed this.

A minimalist communication strategy….

To avoid inundating you with practically identical messages from all the trade unions, R & D has voluntarily adopted a minimalist communication strategy, but without of course ever giving up on its defence of  staff interests.

United staff representation…

Sensitive also to the calls to stop the partisan approach and the division of staff representation, R & D has continued to work for unity, by means such as the Alliance, setting up a stable trade union majority or the establishment of the COMMON FRONT in all the institutions on the basis of a shared programme and demands – as adopted by staff at the inter-institutional AG.

It would be irresponsible to do otherwise and to engage in electoral division! Our policy is clear and based on two unanimous resolutions


     This is not only good intentions but clear commitments made to staff that dictate the daily activities of R & D and its representatives.

    Thus, during the last election EEAS with the list of candidates NEAR composed by R & D, RSUSHU U4U SFE, R & D has participated in joint lists with other OSPs.

     Your support     was greatly appreciated.  R & D intends to continue and expand this approach at all future elections.

 Attentive staff representation and always at the service of others …

Sensitive to criticism that staff representation tends to stay in its ivory tower, out of touch with the real-life experience of staff, R & D has responded with increased efforts to ensure greater openness and wider involvement in decision-making. It is pleased that that the Common Front has adopted the principle of having a referendum with staff of all institutions, before making a final decision on the proposed reform.

Solidarity at the heart of R & D action …

Thinking back to the “every man for himself” and the “me first” attitude that characterized the 2004 reform, R & D has countered this time by placing solidarity at the centre of our trade union.


– Solidarity between categories.
– Solidarity between existing staff and future colleagues.
– Solidarity between institutions to ensure a single, indivisible set of Staff Regulations.

R & D has put all its energy, expertise and resources into negotiations within the Common Front on the Commission’s proposal.

It is clear that the Council may not be satisfied with the Commission’s draft and may seek to destroy the central feature of the Community method: the European Civil Service.

We hope that MEPs will stand with us in our efforts to defend the civil service and build Europe.

It will be up to us, all together in the COMMON FRONT, with you and with staff from all other institutions, to confront this unprecedented crisis with courage, determination and a clear approach.

As never before, R & D will need your support.

R & D is counting on you.

Best wishes.