Meetings with Staff Representatives (held on 15, 16, 20, 29, 30 September, 6, 12 and 19 October).

Meetings on 29-30 september focused on issues related to:

The meeting of 6 October focused on the proposals related to careers.

A 1st technical concertation meeting has been held on 12 October. Minutes have been published on 20/10.  A second technical concertation meeting has been held on 19 October. Minutes will follow.

The minutes of all meetings with Staff Representatives of all Institutions will be posted on this post.

110915 meeting-minutes
110916 meeting-minutes
110920 meeting-minutes
110929 meeting minutes remuneration and pensions 110929 statistiques et informations 110929 tableau osp 110929_30 slides method_for salary and pension
110930 meeting minutes pensions
111006 meeting minutes
111012 1st technical concertation meeting minutes (other points)
111019 2nd technical concertation meeting minutes (method)
111021 meeting minutes (Paquet 4 – alternative proposals)
111028 administrative meeting (Careers) Social Dialogue meeting (reduction of staff by 5%)