R&D and the Trade Union Majority supports the outcome of the negotiations on the final proposal for the changes to the Staff Regulations which are necessary for the establishment of the European External Action Service (EEAS).

The draft text, which has received a positive opinion from the Staff Regulations Committee, the Central Staff Committee and the Staff Committee representing personnel in the Delegations, was adopted by the Commission on 9th June and will allow the Commission to enter into negotiations with the Council and the European Parliament. In this political battle which goes to the heart of the European “project”, since it concerns its “centre of gravity” – community v inter-governmental, the European Parliament will play a major role in defending the idea of a diplomatic service as close as possible to the Commission and to the community method.

The Trade Union Majority now presents the main outcomes of the negotiation. They head in the right direction: as much as possible has been done to ensure that the EEAS will be as close as possible to the Commission. The highest possible level of guarantees have been obtained to defend the interests of staff transferred en masse to the new service. Changes to the Staff Regulations have been introduced in order to improve the lot of the most disadvantaged and precarious staff of the external service, notably Local Agents and Contract Agents.

The Trade Union Majority is now working with the European Parliament to defend, and if possible improve, the content of the compromise achieved with the European Commission.

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