Considering the 4000 appeals of the previous year, and officials’dissatisfaction, R&D has been again writing to the administration since September last year proposing measures to change the CDR from 2010, in cooperation with a very large majority of the other unions. The Administration has nevertheless persevered in its catastrophic approach to the careers and motivation of staff.

Since the publication of administrative notice IA 03-2010, covering the revision of the appeals procedure, colleagues have let us know about their worries and R&D, while challenging the unilaterally decided method, has tried once again to improve the procedures, in particular to safeguard Civil Servants’ rights during appeals.

As of now, we are expecting more than 3000 appeals. In effect, in order to accelerate the careers of a few, often members of Cabinets, the majority of excellent, good or very good Civil Servants have to pay the price.

A lot of time is wasted by this nightmare that is called the CDR, as it ties up a considerable proportion of officials, whether from the staff or from the Administration, during the various processes. This is neither in officials’ interest, nor, above all, in the Institution’s interest.

In spite of this CDR which we have challenged since the beginning and we still challenge, R&D will be present to help colleagues in order to try, within the Promotion Committees, to make sure of a positive outcome to the greatest possible number of appeals. R&D has designated, within all the concerned Committees and working groups, colleagues recognised for their competence in this area. Don’t hesitate to contact them (

For 2010, we can only improve results at the margin. On the other hand, for 2011 the Administration has accepted, following our insistence, to undertake a complete review of the CDR.

R&D is already involved in the working groups looking at the future of the CDR of 2011, so don’t hesitate to let us know your opinions and give us your suggestions: they are precious and R&D will take account of them for the new CDR and, at the appropriate time, will not fail to keep you informed and to consult you.

R&D can make your voice heard!