Refocusing “HUMAN” at the heart of human resources management


  • Defending the well-being of staff and accompanying ALL our colleagues has been and remains our primary mission
  • Informing you by calling on the best specialists by organising 36 conferences with the participation of 13,000 colleagues, in response to the amateurism sometimes shown by the administration.  Thank you again for your trust!
  • Denouncing any unacceptable decision by the administration.The latest example is the introduction of hot-desking, without consulting staff and their representatives  


  • Defend the rights of ALL staff, regardless of grade or type of contract.
  • Assist you with a highly qualified and motivated team and the best specialised lawyers on ALL staff matters
  • Engage in a permanent dialogue with staff and reporting to you at all times on our actions 


  • Ensure an inclusive and respectful workplace. FINALLY implement an effective psychosocial risk prevention policy and a genuine ZERO TOLERANCE strategy against all forms of harassment.
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion in our civil service
  • Ensure real career prospects and taking into account the specific needs of our post-2004 colleagues, ADs, ASTs, AST-SCs and ACs, end-of-career staff and those working in the Commission’s Representations in the Member States, by proposing credible and feasible solutions.
  • Ask the Commission, instead of relying on external consultants, to invest in human capital, which is already in place
  • Strengthen the talent pool through regular and fair internal competitions that give due recognition to skills and abilities.
  • Reject all social dumping by ensuring in all cases a real match between tasks and categories and function groups


The pandemic has left us, often alone, in a corner of our homes, trying to contribute to the European project, despite the unknown and our anxieties.

Faced with this exceptional situation, you were forced to work under exceptionally difficult conditions. It was difficult to find the right balance between “working remotely” and “being available to your department without time limits”.

Despite all these constraints, in a very short time you have had to adapt to working from home, juggling your private and professional life, now sharing the same space with your family or, alone, away from your relatives.

These unrealistic working conditions of yesterday have become the new norm today.

Not always in favour of your well-being, but wherever you were, wherever you are, your professional conscience called you to do so also for the Health of all citizens!

R&D has been and will always be at your side

From the beginning of the announcement of the confinement we have accompanied you by putting at your disposal our telephone lines as well as our legal service.

R&D will continue to guarantee your demands to the administration, so that they can be heard and recognised !

It is on this basis, and with these commitments before you, that R&D presents a list where all nationalities and categories of staff are represented.

Vote List 4