YOU are at the heart of all these actions with R&D

because you will never be treated as a mere “customer”.


Over the last 3 years 65 training courses have been organised with more than 6000 participants!   R&D constantly ensures a CHARGE FREE policy for the training for EPSO competitions, internal competitions and selections, as well as the distribution of the manual for the preparation of competitions and selections tests, which is ALSO FREE.   For R&D, training activities will never be a business: NEVER a single euro has been asked from participants in our training activities.

 Training courses increasingly in demand…

 In the face of the pandemic, we immediately put in place the technical measures to enable us to organise our training courses online without any interruption.

 We also organised targeted actions to meet the needs of colleagues working in the representations. Our training courses are always organised in both languages (EN/FR) which covers all the tests to which candidates are subjected, CBT/Assessement Centre/ Oral Presentation/Interview/Exercise Groups/E-Tray/Situational Judgement/Talent Screener.

Being accountable and taking into account the views of staff has always been a priority for us.  And we have been delighted with the more than positive feedback we have received, of which the following is a small sample:  

Regarding our training activities 

– “The courses are so excellent and useful that even if they weren’t given for free by R&D, I would pay to attend them” –

“I signed up for the MCQ (multiple choice questions) courses offered for free by R&D, the trainers are true professionals” –

“A big thank you to R&D for this opportunity offered for free, to the trainers and my appreciation to the organiser for making it all possible.”

Regarding our legal support service 

“R&D’s lawyers were great, not only giving us advice but accompanying us every step of the way, always being available to review our projects and always answering our questions.”

“ – R&D’s lawyers are really excellent, it is no wonder they win so many cases in court and are also chosen by members of other unions.  I have recommended them to everyone I know!  Thanks to R&D!”

“- I have never had the opportunity to deal with lawyers who are so human and listen to my concerns!  What I received was much more than just legal advice!”


Over the past 3 years, we have been able to provide almost 1450 individual legal consultations!  R&D has always provided FREE legal advice from our specialist lawyers.  In addition to this personal assistance, our legal department intervenes in statutory conferences and defends cases supported by R&D before the Tribunal and the European Court of Justice.  These legal consultations have covered: competitions and selection procedures (requests for review of selection board decisions, conditions of admission deemed not to have been fulfilled, results of the talent screener, etc.), appointment and recruitment (classification in grade/function group, recognition of diplomas, recognition of professional experience, incidents during the probationary period), cases concerning ethics and disciplinary procedures (IDOC and OLAF investigations, assistance before the Appointing Authority and the Disciplinary Board), staff reports and promotion (appeals concerning evaluation, appeals to the Promotion Committee, art. 90), specific issues related to the assignment to a representation in a Member State etc.