Reorganisation of DG RTD

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On 15 January, the Director-General of RDT presented to the DG RTD’s staff a proposal for an updated new organigram with functions but no names.

He explained the reasons behind the planned reorganisation and justified each of the measures taken.

R&D appreciated the fact that the proposal was presented after wide consultations with the DG RTD staff by means of several meetings / talks / cups of coffee…

R&Dalso appreciated the fact that last November, well before the presentation of the proposal, every unit was asked to discuss this project and send directly its contribution on the relevant aspects to be taken into account to the Director-General.

This participative approach is what R&D has been repeatedly requesting from DG HR, though in vain, insisting that reorganisations secretly decided, announced and imposed without any involvement of the colleagues are unacceptable in an institution like ours, which constantly proves that its staff is its biggest wealth.

In this context, as the Secretary-General did for the reorganisation of his own services, the Director-General of DG RTD asked to meet Staff representatives in order to present them the draft-updated organigram, and confirmed the importance of a real dialogue so that the opinion of the colleagues is expressed as freely as possible and that everyone finds their desired place within the new structure.

Many of you already let us know that, while you appreciate the adopted approach, the devil is still in the details, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and that, in the past, as concerns reorganizations, approaches which had appeared commendable and innovative, at least on paper, have proved to be actually old practices…

We know that notwithstanding the spirit of dialogue which preceded the announcement of this project, notwithstanding the commitment to continue to listen to the staff and its representatives by organising discussions within every unit, meetings with every head of unit in order to enable every colleague to express his/her wishes… only after the final approval of the new organisation chart will a complete evaluation of this exercise be possible.

R&D is at your service

In this context we kindly invite you to please share with us your remarks, suggestions, critics and wishes in connection with the presentation of the new organigram

Our experts are at your disposal to assist you in every action and reply to your questions while strictly respecting confidentiality.

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