As you know, R&D is concerned about the well-being of colleagues in professional life. It organized last year a series of lectures on the subject.

R&D continues its work and proposes a conference (24th February) and a workshop (date to choose 25th or 26th February)


To understand and prevent back pain and stress



During the conference we will discuss the theory, and then practice in the workshop:

– Posture and making yourself bigger to avoid a sore back,

– Be well seated, the right positions for work and re-pose,

– Breathing correctly: the natural anti-stress, with games for breathing out when you are stressed and breathing in when you are exhausted,

– Visit places of tension in our bodies to relax them: clenched jaws, painful trapezius, throat, stomach in knots … and some tools for visual relaxation

– Explore ways to inhabit your body, moment by moment, Look for a state of availability of the body, which combines relaxation and tone. 

Yvonne Paire, contemporary dancer, has specialized in anatomy and functional analysis of the body in movement and the muscle chains. Today she teaches anatomy and physiology to professional dancers, athletes and has also developed techniques of gymnastics adapted for everyone. She teaches in a new University Diploma “STRESS MANAGEMENT IN HEALTHCARE PRACTICE ” at the University Hospital of Bicetre (France), on “breathing, postures and movement.”


She has published in 2012, “Whew, I’m breathing …” (Mango Editions) with 65 practical exercises and in January 2015, “Good breathing, natural anti-stress” in audiolib. These books will be available during the conference / workshops.


– Tuesday, February 24: Conference 12:45 to 2:15 p.m.,

Central Staff Committee’s Room, Loi 80, 2nd Floor, 

– Wednesday, February 25: Workshop 12:45 to 2:15 p.m.

Genève 1, Room Baraldini (4th Floor)

– Thursday, February 26: Workshop 12:45 to 2:15 p.m.

Genève 1, Room Baraldini (4th Floor)

 Both workshops are similar. You can choose one of the two dates.

For workshops, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes to do physical exercises. Please bring a gym mat if you have one, and / or towel to be able to lie on the floor.

The conference and workshops will be given in French. Yvonne Pair uses a simple vocabulary and speaks very slowly, so there is no difficulty to understand.

The Genève 1 buildling is located Rue de Genève 1 –  Evere. Free access with the bus  n° 12 or 21.

Thank you for registering for each event by sending an e-mail to