You now have access to the list of officials proposed for promotion in your DG. If you have not been proposed and wish to lodge an appeal, R&D has drafted a couple of points that you should keep in mind:


the deadline: starting from the release of these lists, you have 5 business days to submit an appeal in Sysper2. You may go over this deadline in case of leave (holiday, mission, sickness). However, your appeal must absolutely be introduced before mid-July since the committees in charge of this appeal will start working on them beginning of September.


how to draft your appeal: state clearly

  •  your good/very good/ excellent merits, as described in your evaluation reports since your last promotion,
  • your responsibilities,
  • your seniority, equal or superior to the one expected in your grade,
  • your distance to the 2011 promotion threshold if you have not been promoted since then and if you have been “flagged” in Sysper2,
  • any other element or fact that may have disadvantaged you – wrongly – during the evaluation of your merits: recent mobility, part time work, maternity leave, work in the main interest of the institution, etc.


These elements will enable your Staff Representatives to better defend your interest and with more efficiency.


Although each case is very different, R&D has compiled a number of cases that are most significant. This will allow them to appeal successfully in front of the Promotion Committee. You may download these forms in order to use them as a basis to the preparation of your own appeal text.


You will find these documents – and more information (R&D helpdesk promotion, average time of permanence, calendar of the exercise of promotion, legal documents)  by clicking here


Please also take note that R&D is currently preparing a template for end of career grade excluded from this promotion exercise. It will be released in the coming days.


Please do not hesitate to contact our R&D specialists (see information on our website) to draw their attention on your appeal case.