Draft Appeal concerning the 2011 and 2012 Salary adjustment

2014 Reform appeal: time to take stock !

The model of appeal against the refusal to apply the salary adjustment for 2011 and the limitation to 0.8 % of the salary adjustment for 2012 is now available.


As with all other models for appeals, we do not limit ourselves to distribute forms, but we invite you to a meeting with our lawyers:


On Friday, 6June 2014

From 12:30 to 14:30

Main CSC Meeting Room, L-80

(videoconference with all other sites)


At this meeting, our lawyers will present the model for appeals that has been created and will answer any questions and requests for clarification from you.

Indeed, it must be remembered that, as all unions had denounced, and as the Court of Auditors has confirmed in its opinion n° 2/2014, the decisions for these adjustments of our salaries and pensions are arbitrary. They have no objective basis and rely on a legal basis which were no longer in force.


Appeal – Reform 2014 : thank you very much for trusting us! 


At this meeting, we will also make a first assessment of our actions on 2014 Reform appeal and analyse with you the best way to proceed.

Taking into account your needs and your requests, we have:

  • Shared efforts of the unions of all institutions and agencies to defend the rights of colleagues more effectively and to illustrate our commitment to the unity of the Staff Regulations;
  • Set up the largest pool of lawyers ever organized in the field of litigation of our European public service to give the best chance for these actions to succeed.


After having provided the model forms for appeals and, after the meetings with our lawyers in all institutions, our site:


Has already received more than 25,000 visits of colleagues from all institutions and agencies !

THANKS for the trust!


Do you have questions about your personal situation?


Expert teams are at your disposal within each institution.