Dear Colleagues,

We are experiencing a difficult and turbulent year end… As in 2009, the Council wants our hide! Indeed, at the meeting of COREPER on 16 December, Member States have, in three policy decisions, deliberately refused to respect our rights:

-The exception clause. The Commission, in a report with the latest economic forecasts from DG ECFIN, showed that this clause could not be invoked. Member States, in the absence of any justification, requested an annulment of this report!

– The annual salary adjustment. The method, in force since 2004 and whose correct functioning had been noted by the Court of Justice last year, provides for a catch-up increase of 1.7%. Member States, in the absence of any justification, refused the application of the method, imposing a loss of purchasing power of 3.6%!

-Our contribution to the pension plan.

The rate, recalculated annually by Eurostat, should decrease from 11.6% to 11.0% from July 1, 2011. Member States, in the absence of any justification, requested a postponement of the decision, against the advice of the Council Legal Service!

(We note here the absurdity of the COREPER position: a reduction in our contribution also corresponds to a decrease in Member States ‘ contributions, who thus deprive themselves of a cost-saving measure!)

Faced with these unjustified refusals, R&D requests the Commission to be the guarantor of the European Institutions and defend the rights of its staff.???R&D will continue to defend you and ensure your rights in the context of the actions undertaken in conjunction with the Common Front.

Indeed, faced with the threats and dangers to our public service, it is essential to overcome divisions and to abandon the approach of permanent election campaign to put all our energy at the disposal of a genuine and deep unity of action of all staff representation.

We take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday season and a Happy New Year 2012