R&D is working to make the method work:

According to first estimates by Eurostat, the method for the annual adaptation of salaries for EU staff in 2009 will result in an increase of 3.6% of basic salaries, effective retroactively as of 1 July 2009. The net effect on our salaries will be 3% on average.

This result partly compensates for losses in our purchasing power in 2008.  Let’s not forget that overall, officials had already lost a considerable amount of their purchasing power since the introduction of the Kinnock staff regulations (‘statut’) in 2004

The pension contribution will increase once again in 2009, this time by 0.4%, to 11.3%. A further increase of the ‘special levy’ imposed by the Kinnock Reform since 2004, to the tune of 0.2% on average of the basic salary (this figure can rise as high as 0.42% in individual cases). This increase in the special levy will be felt on our salaries as of January 2010.

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