At the General Affairs Council on 26 April, Mrs. Ashton committed to preparing a report on how she intends to achieve by 2013 the target of one third of the AD staff coming from the diplomatic services of Member States.
This paper sets out a number of ways by which this objective could be accomplished.

Projected publication of EEAS posts 2011-13 – indicative figures

Management posts

Top Management (Policy Board) 10

Senior Management 11

Head of Delegation rotation and new HoD functions  150

Head of Unit  33

Total management posts 204

Other AD posts


Turnover (based on 5-year cycle) 260

New posts  60

Conversion of SNE, EUSR staff  36

Total Headquarters  356


AD posts in rotation (4-year cycle)   90

New AD posts in political sections  90

Conversion of EUSR staff and upgrading ASTs  85

Total Delegations  265

Grand Total 825