Dear colleagues,

We are 17 contract agents featuring on the R&D list of candidates in order to defend our rights and working conditions.

With R&D we have benefited from:

  • a personal assistance
  • a legal service provided by R&D’s lawyer on all issues related to non-renewal of contracts, taking account of experience in the recruitment process, access to competitions etc…
  • help during the reclassification procedure
  • Training is traditionally a key element of career-progress and self-fulfillment. As part of the recruitment procedure, R&D has grasped the importance of this issue and offers FREE:        
  • trainings to prepare for the EPSO competition
  • a guide on « How to prepare for and succeed in European Union tests and selection pro cesses ».                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

We want to engage more actively and become Your / Our spokespersons to lay down and clearly negotiate our demands.

Why R&D and not any other union?

At R&D , we are confident about the experience of our colleagues who have been involved in trade unionism and staff representa­tion for years, and who are also at our disposal to guide us in order to achieve concrete results.

R&D has always defended the transparency of procedures as well as our Contract Agents colleagues from all the abuses they suffer, due to their precarious status.

Selection and recruitment:

  • regular and adapted CAST,
  • modular CAST,
  • true harmonisation of procedures between the institutions and agencies.


transparency in managing the needs of services, mobility and the establishment of a real ” job market” allowing a real mobili­ty between the Commission, Offices and specially Executive agencies.


  • a decrease in the average length of stay in function groups for reclassifications ;
  • continuous skills development and the end of barriers for access to trainings ;
  • career development granting access to a higher function group ;
  • transparency in access to AT posts