“Eye for eye, tooth for tooth”

Congratulations Mr President!

You seem ready to build an institution finally able to defend itself and its staff!

R&D represents thousands of committed colleagues, dedicated to the European project, who, in spite of everything, have not lost hope that our institution restores its credibility with citizens. We are delighted to see that the earliest positions of the new Commission and its President Juncker are going in the right direction.


To turn the page over the past decade, marked by the decline of the two terms of Barroso Commission, is a very difficult, but unavoidable, challenge.


In the past, R&D has not spared its criticism and has never ceased to denounce the excesses of the Barroso Commission who have undermined the credibility of our institution with citizens and the outside world.


In particular, the management at the end of the mandate of the former College was the worst that this institution has ever known (Barroso Commission has exceeded all limits):


This was the complete ruin of an arrogant Commission that has never implemented the pompous commitments showed constantly, which refused constructive suggestions both from the outside world and from the staff through its representatives.


For this, the Barroso Commission deserved the harsh criticism, having no capacity and credibility to defend itself and its staff against external attacks.


With such a burden from the past, the path of change is particularly demanding.


Hence today:

Staff expectations from the Juncker Commission are substantial !


R&D is pleased to note that President Juncker has already shown that he is perfectly aware of the seriousness of the crisis, and of staff expectations:


“I am impressed and distressed by all the expectations. I feel being believed capable of everything… I’m afraid to disappoint. And I am under no illusions about the sustainability of the good criticism … “

“Eye for eye, tooth for tooth”


In this long and difficult journey, R&D fully supports the determination of the President in response to unjustified criticism of our institution and its staff:


“I accept the Commission is critized. But I have every intention to respond whenever criticism is unfair “, (..).” But let it be clear : there will be no attack without reaction”


R&D is pleased that, during her meeting with the staff representatives, Vice-President Georgieva has in turn confirmed this commitment.


Respond firmly to unwarranted criticism is exactly what R&D and the staff have repeatedly, but in vain, asked  the Barroso Commission!


Mr President, R&D will always be on your side in the continuing efforts that citizens and your staff awaited for too long, to restore credibility and authority to our institution.


The Commission must again become the true driving force of the European Union.