Majorité Syndicale has requested some information from the EEAS on the 2011 rotation exercise.  Here is the latest state of play. Process has been launched with some delays but more than 2000 applications have been received.

For non management AD, there were 23 posts – 550 applicants 67% external candidates (Member State diplomats) and 33% internal candidates (officials). AD – selection process is being decided.  The whole process will take a bit longer but MS applicants were allowed. Hopefully, decisions could be taken by June for posting on 1st September 2011. Questions about schools, proper organisation of  removals, all family and housing related issues become extremely sensitive under such tight timetable. Nevertheless the Administration is convinced that it is still enough time…

For AST, they were 42 posts – 58 applicants. Those posts were not published to the three sources 100%. Only EEAS candidates are eligible.  Commission or Council people were not eligible.  Some post might be advertised in an inter-institutional procedure. Selection process:  AST post will be decided very quickly. For Heads of Administration, interviews have already started. Those who already carried out those tasks will automatically be shortlisted.

For any question, please drop us a line