Thursday, 16th December 2010, 16h00, CHAR 15/119


I. Social dialogue

1.            Definition of working methods during transitional phase

2.            Establishment of the EEAS Staff Committee

3.            Staff representation in Delegations

II. Communication with staff

1.            Info sessions with staff

2.            New EEAS Webpage

III. Administrative issues – ongoing discussions

1.            Negotiations with Council and Commission on Service Level Agreements (SLA) – state of play

2.            Organisation chart

3.            Composition of staff

4.            Timing of forthcoming decisions

IV.       HR policies

1.            Mobility – practical arrangements

2.            Contract agents (CA)

3.            Local agents (LA)

4.            Integration of national diplomats

5.            Social and well-being policy

6.            For next meeting

IV.       AOB

1.            WEU / ISS