Tomorrow, 20 January, Commissioner Karel De Gucht, responsible for Humanitarian Aid will travel to Port-au-Prince to express European solidarity with the victims of the earthquake. He will try to meet our LA in Port-au-Prince.

His trip will include also a visit to our collegues in Santo Domingo. R&D thanks all our collegues in Santo Domingo and ECHO expert in Port-au-Prince who are working in a such difficult situation!

The Delegation in Santo Domingo opened a bank account for donations to be immediately used to buy and bring to our LA colleagues in Haiti first aid goods, construction materials for houses and medicines.

One thought on “Commissioner Karel De Gucht in Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo

  • 21/01/2010 at 17:07

    Les agents locaux et leurs familles ont bénéficié de l’appui logistique de la Délégation de Santo Domingo et reçu nourriture, eau et médicaments. Un convoi en provenance de Santo Domingo a permis de les ravitailler en rations de vivres et médicaments.
    Par ailleurs, nos collègues se mobilisent afin d’apporter toute l’aide psychologique nécessaire aux agents locaux.

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