The DGT outsourcing project

R&D has always reminded the role and importance of DGT in:

  • multilingualism;
  • its ability to always ensure the highest quality of translations;
  • obtaining exceptional results despite often very restrictive deadlines;
  • its need to remain constantly alert to support the efforts of the institution and face political emergencies of all kinds.

In this respect, we must not forget that despite the increasing workload, the DG has lost 25% of its workforce since 2012 and 50% since 2004.

We have

Denounced the project and supported during these last weeks the staff who, despite the assurances given at the beginning of the mandate of the college, witnessed the increasingly obvious will for additional outsourcing of the translation services by setting up a new Agency or Office.

R&D requests

  • stop downsizing the DGT;
  • stop any privatization or outsourcing process that jeopardizes the status of DGT as Directorate-General of our institution;
  • abandon any plans to replace translators with precarious colleagues with the sole purpose of obtaining additional savings to the detriment of the permanence of this staff.