Appeals and complaint Art. 90

Appeal against non proposition for promotion by your DG:

On 18 June, DGs will publish the propositions for promotion in Sysper. From that day on, you have 5 working days to introduce an appeal if you think you were unjustly not proposed for promotion by your DG this year, although you fulfill all the criteria according to Article 45 of the Staff Regulations with regard to

– seniority in the grade

– merits as reflected in your evaluation report

– responsibilities

– languages used in the service

Although every situation is different, R&D has listed some of the most typical situations that might give you reason to file an appeal with the Promotion Committee. You can download the templates in Word format ( document) and use them to prepare your text.


How to use the following templates for appeal?

  • Keep it short and to the point (1 page maximum).
  • Please bear in mind that the Promotion Committees have access to your evaluation and promotion file,
  • you therefore do not need to repeat details that become clear from them.




Complaint Art.90 §2 against non proposition for promotion:

(to be used only after the publication of promotion lists in november 2018)

The deadline for appealing against non promotion is 90 days after the publication of the promotion lists. You will find below a model for appeal, to adapt according the grade to which you belong ( document ). For more information, do not hesitate to contact our R&D specialists.