Pension Plan

Kinnock has damaged our pension schemes and the salary adjustment method by applying rough and ready changes without proper dialogue with the trade unions. The result is that you will have to work longer and contribute more, to reach the same level of allowances and therefore the same level of retirement. The salary adjustment method was changed to save money. Between 2004 and 2008, the Kinnock method has decreased your purchasing power by 2.3% in 4 years, which represents a saving of less than 1% of the entire community budget. The current salary adjustment method will end in 2013. The true challenge will be to replace it and to decide what to replace it with.


R&D endeavours to:

  • Defend the principle of the pension adjustment put in question by the Council.
  • Apply the regulations concerning pension entitlements.
  • Ensure respect and recognition of retired colleagues.
  • Revise the calculation method by taking into account the integration of contractual agents, by redefining the type and level of expenses of community staff, by considering the level of purchasing power in new Member States.
  • Maintain the rights of pensioners.
  • Encourage a voluntary policy of “active ageing”.
  • Equip a facility for former staff, a true meeting place attended by retirees, with access to computers, Intracomm, newspapers, restaurant, etc…

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