Empty Grades

Due to the problems caused by the « empty grades » – the new grades A*9 and B*9 – R&D and the FFPE have developed a double strategy in order to help the colleagues penalised by the reform and the « linear career». This strategy is articulated around two axes: a judicial action and a political step.

The juridical action is articulated around several initiatives:

  • The cases at the TPI – joint cases BLOCK – KNAUL T114/05 and
  • An information query under the title of article 90.1 of the statute followed by a complaint under the title of the article 90.2 of the statute

The political action aims to negotiate more favourable promotion rates in order to limit the time wasted by the colleagues in these new grades.

Appeal introduced the 25 April 2006 — Martin Avendano e.a./Commission
R&D and FFPE offer to all the newly promoted in A*9 and B*9 an new text for the claim
R&D and FFPE explain their action and introduce the cases BLOCK and KNAUL