Appel à manifestations d’intérêt (AMI) to recruit grade AC staff.

Since 2006 the implementation of open and anonymous tests (CAST) for recruitment of staff at AC grades has been a basic principle which seemed to be a given and which we could be delighted with.

On the basis of the new recruitment policies at the Commission, candidates are required to send their CVs and being simply registered in a database, they need to wait patiently for someone to select them from among thousands of other candidates by inviting them to come for an interview.

Many of you have asked for advice and have questioned us about this new selection method for candidates to AC grades.

R&D with the rest of staff representatives firmly refused the proposed approach.

As soon as the CIS (consultation interservices) was released, the Central Staff Committee has first of all alerted the administration about the risks that would ensue from the proposed approach, and then has given an absolutely negative opinion restating the basic principles which need to apply in all recruitment procedures for AC staff.

R&D is doing everything we can to get EPSO to organise the selection procedures imposed by the DGEs as quickly as possible and this is in order to limit as far as possible the damage as much for the institutions as for staff.