Women’s talents – 04/05/2015-29/05/2015

This exhibition constitutes the outcome of our action launched on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.



– Opening ceremony

– Recitation of poems by Agnieszka TARKA, accompanied by Christian Devillers, flutist

– Small concert of Joanna PSZCZOLA JoBee

– Singing by Christina VAN PETEGHEM

– Dance demonstration by Sandra NSAMBI NZALI

– Workshops: textile creation and scrapbooking

– Fashion show.

We would like to thank all participants who have largely responded to our friendly action highlighting the passions our colleagues have outside the workplace.

This initiative brings us closer to our daily commitment in terms of equal opportunities. Promoting talented women of all grades in our institution is one of the priorities we demonstrated trough multiple conferences and actions dedicated to the reconciliation of work and family life.

ATRIUM of the Building Joseph II 79