SAVE THE DATE – 23/02/2015-06/03/2015

The prevention of psychosocial risks and stress management is an important issue for R&D and we have proposed a series of related events for all our colleagues – from Monday 23 February to Friday 6 March.

“Stress and Brain”: a conference on the physiological aspects of stress – given by Beata Cnudde, member of the International Coach Federation and graduate of the Neurocognitive Institute ( Monday 23 February. 

“Well seated, well standing and breathing properly!”: a conference on Tuesday 24th, given by Yvonne PAIRE, professor of ‘anatomie-physiologie’ and lecturer in a university-course on stress management in France (breathing, posture and movement) ( The conference has been followed by two workshops with practical exercises – on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 February focussing on how to understand and prevent back pain and stress.

“Serenity training”: diet and prevention of inflammatory diseases, finding ways of dealing with emotions, relaxation techniques as well as the use of acupuncture points to rebalance your energies, by Irène NOLTE, Shiatsu practitioner and integrative health Coach ( She has given 3 workshops on Monday 2, Thursday 5, and Friday 6 March.

These three different events have tackled stress management from different angles. The three speakers all have different but commentary professional approaches and experience, and have a solid understanding of today’s business environment and the European Institutions.