Health and WIFI 20/05/14

Wi-Fi waves, a threat to my health?

Wi-Fi: What are the European or national standards?
Where do we stand in regards to research?
What is the experience on the ground? Should we take precautions?
How can we protect ourselves?
Do we have any solutions?

If any of these questions have already crossed your mind, and if you are hoping to find an answer to some of them, it is not too late! R&D, always anxious to preserve your health and well-being, hosted a conference on Health and WIFI. The Speaker Ralph Baden, an expert in biology at the Department of Health in Luxembourg and “International Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic fields” offered us an objective insight on the issue, as well as some hints to start thinking up solutions.

If you have missed it, or wish to listen to it again, please click here. You can also listen to the second part of the conference, the Question-Answer Session and read our paper handouts of the conference.

The SLIDES are also available.

Feel free to give us some feedback on your impressions and ideas via e-mail. This will help us set a concrete plan of action to create a better working environment in the future.